Academy of Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Academy of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, Phoenix, Arizona

Join our family in our Phoenix studio to learn powerful self defense techniques while also balancing the ability to relax, stay focused and remain healthy with Qi Gong exercises.

We teach classes in Northern Tum Pai Kajukenbo Street Self Defense, KickBoxing, and Tai Chi. Our lessons provide a well rounded fundamental understanding of the human energy field and how to influence it for personal protection, optimum health and self-empowerment ... further explained below.
Kung Fu
Kung Fu

Kung Fu means "spending time with focused energy".
Tai Chi Class
Tai Chi

The grand ultimate exercise for good health and longevity.

Our kick boxing class is designed to teach the students cooperative sparring as an energy exchange exercise rather than a competitive fight.
Kids Staff Game
Kids Programs

Structured Environment, General Physical Education, Forms, Games, Drills and Self Defense

Ka ......... Karate influence comes from Tang Soo Do
Ju ......... Judo and Jujitsu emphasis is on throws, locks and sweeps
Ken ...... Kenpo has powerful movements and fluid hand techniques
Bo ......... Boxing (Chinese) which is Kung Fu 

There are four branch styles within the Kajukenbo system which include
 Kajukenbo Kenpo
 Tum Pai
 Wun Hop Kuen Do

The difference between Tum Pai and the other three branches of Kajukenbo is that Tai Chi Chuan became the internal structure so the soft, yeilding leads the hard style approach.

Internal Education – is a process of learning about the world that exists behind your eyes. How you think, feel, and react to the outside world is all part of internal knowledge. Learning about yourself internally will also allow you to understand how other people operate. Exploring your internal world of thoughts, emotions and responses will give you insight. Internal education focuses on your perceptions and how you can change your emotions and reaction to others. Training will help you develop your full potential as a human being. Ultimately, it is about how you behave and control you internal environment.

Moving Meditation – Tai Chi is a series of movements that relax the individual into a meditative state. The gentle patterns have stood the test of time for centuries. The rocking motion and choreographed movements allow for releasing stress and anxiety as a by-product of the meditative process.

Energy Cultivation – The practice of Tai Chi and Kung Fu movements generate energy within the body. This energy is cultivated in both long and short-term releases. Long-term energy cultivation allows for a healthy, active, diseases free life. The short-term energy allows for the rapid response to energetic needs. Such as having to respond to an attack or having more energy to deal with a stressful situation at work.

• Stress Management – Through the practice of Kung Fu and Tai Chi the individual focuses on the activity taught during class. This focus allows the individual to “live in the moment” and take a mental vacation from the daily stress of life. After the lessons a person is relaxed and the constant problems and challenges of life don’t seem so great.

• Behavioral Science – Kung Fu and Tai Chi teaches the individual about basic human nature. You will gain an understanding of body types and how each body type behaves in various situations. The basic concept of “Emotional Flooding” will be explained. You will learn in classes how to feel flooding, and learn how to manage it. We also teach how to see it in others and how to behave in a way to reduce conflict. Controlling your individual behavior is a major component to an Internal Martial Art.

Personal Transformation – The goal of learning an Internal Art is to ultimately transform yourself from who you currently are to who you want to become. In the process of going through the curriculum the individual will develop personal power and insight that will change how they see the world and how they react to situations that arise in life.

Self Awareness – Becoming aware of ones self will unlock your true potential as a human being. Self-awareness is learning about yourself, how you respond to life and other humans. Self-awareness is all about expanding your consciousness and developing a sense of self that is un-shakable. Self-awareness is knowledge that is hard to learn from conventional schools or life experience. We guide the individual in their journey of becoming a self aware individual.

Academy of Kung Fu and Tai Chi Phoenix Arizona
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